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    This is the new and hard to find Fallout Official Vehicles Vertibird Replica Model made by Eaglemoss Publications. Designed by the US military as a transport gunship capable of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), the XVB02 "Vertibird" was still in the prototype stage when the Great War almost wiped humanity from the globe. Completed in secret by the fascistic Enclave, the design was eventually leaked to the outside world – and saw use across the wastelands of America by the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel.

    The Vertibird has appeared in almost every Fallout game, usually as an ominous signal of the Enclave's arrival – but by the time of Fallout 4, the Brotherhood of Steel had developed their own arsenal of Vertibirds, deployed from their giant airship, the Prydwen. The model is approximately 9-inches (23cm) in length and is made of ABS plastic. Comes new in a manufacturer sealed box.