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    This is the new and hard to find Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Hidden Blade and Gauntlet made by McFarlane in 2015. Wear the signature weapon of the heroic Assassins from the hit video game. A life-size, roleplay accessory, the Hidden Blade and Gauntlet is based on the one worn by the main character Edward Kenway. The Hidden Blade features a spring-loaded, retractable blade with switchblade style action. The blade section attaches to the bottom of the forearm with velcro straps, and the gauntlet attaches to the top of the forearm with a strap and buckle. As an added bonus, the prop even includes an exclusive accessory, a replica of the skull-shaped buckle worn on Edward's bandolier! The plastic skull buckle features the rough, hand-forged appearance of 1700s metalworking, and measures 3-inches (8cm) wide.  MINT in a near MINT sealed box. The box has some extremely minor corner wear, but is otherwise in MINT condition.