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    This is the new and very hard to find Star Wars Imperial At-AT Driver made by Kotokubiya in 2016. AT-AT drivers are pilots specialized in operating the Imperial Army's AT-AT walker in the Star Wars universe. First seen on Hoth in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, these specialized troops wear a distinctive gray flight suit, armored harness, and the familiar Imperial helmet connected to a chest-mounted computer and life-support system. From tiny details such as the commlink embedded in the glove to the readout on the chest, fans will appreciate the intricacy of this figure. The AT-AT driver even comes with 3 interchangeable arm parts so he can be customized putting on his gloves, wielding his blaster pistol, or standing at parade rest with his hands behind his back. Standing just over 7-inches (18cm) tall, with magnetic feet, the Star Wars AT-AT Driver ArtFX+ Statue will help prevent Rebel attacks against your collection. MINT in a near MINT sealed box. The box has some extremely minor corner wear, but is otherwise in MINT condition. Note that the picture of the figure is for reference, the one for sale is factory sealed.